Mission Statement
To provide the highest possible quality care and age appropriate education for the children and families we serve. As a Christian ministry of Burton Memorial United Methodist Church, we believe children are a gift from God to be treated with honor and respect. We strive to live the Christian message of Hope, Peace and Love by nurturing the children of all families in the community of God.

Goals & Objectives
1. Team with parents in raising their child.
2. Provide a developmentally appropriate program for each child.
3. Create an environment rich in language and experiences.
4. Honor each child’s culture and heritage.
5. Celebrate each child’s abilities.
6. Embrace each child as a unique creation from God.

The Child Development Center is administered by a Director who manages all Center faculty and staff, establishes curriculum, develops plans to integrate and coordinate activities, and is on site daily managing operations. The Director plans the environment, routines, and activities that are appropriate for each age group, as well as for individual children. Teachers are provided information about each child’s interests, culture, language, family, skills, needs, temperament, and other characteristics.

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The Director reports to a CDC Advisory Board composed of the Pastor and volunteer church members representing Trustees, Finance, and Parish Staffing committees. The Advisory Board monitors financial performance, standards of operation, insurance and licensing, as well as providing advice and recommendations to the Director throughout the year.

CDC Building

93001 Overseas Highway, Tavernier, FL 33070
“Church on the Curve”    MM 93

Hours of Operation
7:30 AM to 5:30 PM Monday to Friday
The Center is closed for 9 holidays and 3 staff development days