.• CDC Building –


 The Burton Memorial CDC building is immediately adjacent to the church sanctuary and administrative office building. The facilitycontains approximately 5,000 square feet of space equally dividedbetween a ground level floor and a second floor. Infants and toddlersare restricted to the ground level. A large parking area immediately infront of the main entrance provides for convenient and safe drop offand pick up of our children
.• Class rooms –

The Child Development Center utilizes seven individual class room settings. Each class room is equipped age appropriately for infant,toddler, preschool and after school students. A large room with audiovisual equipment and games is used for group recreational activitiesand also provides an area for recess during inclement weather. Allfurniture, toys and other equipment in each room has been inspectedto assure maximum safety for our students

.• Playground –

​A large fenced outside playground surrounds two sides of the classroom building. The playground is further divided to provide a separatearea for toddlers, and playground equipment in each area is ageappropriate. Playground activities are supervised by a staff member atall times. The playground is utilized as a social interaction teaching environment and the children are closely monitored.