PROGRAMS & CURRICULUM·       Developmental Objectives The Burton Memorial CDC curriculum is designed to accomplish specific important developmental tasks as your child grows and learns. Infants:  To build a sense of security in which infants can trust parents, family members and others to lovingly take care of their needs. Toddlers:  To grow feelings of independence and to begin using words and gestures to communicate. Preschoolers: To realize how thoughts and feelings are related to consequences, and to play cooperatively with peers. School Age:  To develop responsibility by involving the child in work and chores with others in a manner that is a positive and rewarding experience. ·       Statement of curriculum 
Burton employs The Creative Curriculum approach to teaching and emphasizes personalized attention for each student. Our infants and toddlers are taught about self and others, to manage feelings and be a member of a group. Basic motor skills, cognitive skills and problem solving skills are developed. Emphasis is also placed on communicating and participating in conversations, as well as an appreciation for books and listening as they are read. Experiments with drawing and writing are also important to the curriculum. Our preschoolers are taught responsibility for self and others, independence, and respect for the classroom environment. Motor skills such as running, jumping, climbing, catching, and tricycle operation are developed. Curiosity, problem solving, logical thinking, numbers & counting, and awareness of time are emphasized. Listening and speaking, as well as demonstrating basic reading and writing skills involving the alphabet are important aspects of the curriculum. ·       VPK Program Burton participates in the Voluntary Prekindergarten (VPK) Program which is constitutionally mandated be made available free of charge to every four-year old child in the State of Florida. This program is supported by Wesley House Family Services. Burton’s program has consistently scored the highest evaluation rating in Monroe County and among the highest ratings in the State of Florida. This program emphasizes the development of good health practices, eagerness and curiosity as a learner, adherence to classroom rules and routines, written and oral communications skills, reading and mathematical skills, family roles and relationships, and eye-hand coordination. A graduation ceremony, including award of a diploma, is conducted for the child’s family to attend in the church upon completion of the program.